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Meet Laura Elizabeth

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My journey of writing The Island Mysteries began one April day, many years ago, as I waited to board the ferry to Daufuskie Island, South Carolina for the very first time. My son assured me, in a knowing voice, we would be back at that exact spot many more times. He felt it too, the wonder, the pull that only this specific and special placed offered us.

We were captivated.

As a family we rode the island's highs and lows. Through all our vacations and adventures we always left energized, restored, and whole again. Daufuskie is its own magic. There is something immediately compelling about a place that can speak to you with its quiet, that can inspire you with its beauty, that can encourage you to dream by sharing its natural bounty, and that can welcome you with possibility tucked into its mystery. 

In June 2020, I began a quiet campaign to connect individuals who I believed might be able to help the island with some of its large restoration and development projects. From this work I was able to share my passion for Daufuskie and introduce this special place to people all around the world. Several of these new contacts, along with my family, encouraged me in this endeavor we now call The Island Mysteries. From this, Mongin Island was imagined. 

My heart is full of gratitude for those who walked with me on this journey, and for you who choose to read these stories. My hope is that you find a place that fills you with joy, peace, and a little island magic. 

My favorite writing spot!
Island transportation

Meet Buddy in Real Life!


Buddy is the loveable pup who accompanies Carr on her many adventures on Mongin Island! 

Did you know that Buddy was inspired by Laura Elizabeth's real life "grand-dog?" 

Meet Buddy- a Lab mix rescue dog from South Carolina! Buddy's favorite things included chasing chickens, napping all day, and begging from the cutting board!


Although Buddy has gone from this earth, his memory lives on in The Island Mysteries as Carr's faithful friend and furry companion - a testimony to the "real life" Buddy's love and devotion to those in his family. 

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